3 Reasons Why Active Senior Living Might be the Right Choice for You

We all want to stay as independent as long as we can. Aging brings enough issues — the aches and pains, trouble hearing and/or seeing, etc. The last thing that you want to add to that list is coping with a new living environment.

But, if you are living in your own home, there are issues that you also need to add to the list, things like home repairs, loneliness due to lack of mobility, and fear of having some physical accident that could cause you to require emergency assistance. If you are not driving now, you are forced to rely upon family members or public transportation to get around. 

All of these add up to a long list of worries and distractions.

Many items on this list can be addressed by considering moving to an assisted living community. And here are three reasons why active senior living might be the right choice for you

Reason #1: You actually GAIN more independence when you move into a senior living community.

Often, seniors worry that they will lose their independence by moving to senior living. Another concern is equally common: fear of needing, but not getting, more help. The great thing about active senior living is that it ensures you won’t be alone if you need additional support. If you fall or have a medical emergency, there will be someone there.

Even better, many active senior living communities offer a ‘continuum of care’. Home health aides can help you remain independent for longer, even when you find the need for help with daily tasks. Most active senior communities can also offer the option to age in place by providing independent living, assisted living, and memory care all within one community. 

Reason #2: The cost of Senior Living Communities is more reasonable than you might think.

Senior living communities offer an elevated luxury in the form of excellent meals, plenty of entertainment, and a worry-free, beautiful home. It would then make sense that many seniors and their adult children believe that it is unaffordable. 

But, there are several ways to approach the cost of senior living. Perhaps the proceeds from selling your home can help to fund this next stage in your life. Consider the fact that remaining in your home may actually be more expensive than the cost of a senior living community… not to mention the ongoing mortgage, HOA and/or maintenance costs that you would not need to worry about any longer. 

Also, because most senior living community plans include food, transportation, and other expenses, you can include your current expenses as part of the budget. Maybe that current car payment and insurance are no longer necessary. Consider your monthly food and dining out budget items, also.

Ultimately, the budget for a life transition like this needs to be looked at on a ‘line-by-line’ basis to determine the budget difference – and how much financial difference it is.

Reason #3: Senior Living Communities promote healthy living for its community members

Loneliness can be one of the biggest contributors to a person’s mental and physical health. A Senior living environment provides many social options to counter loneliness from communal dining, social activities, exercise classes, religious services, and outings. These activities promote interaction with others and encourages a more active physical lifestyle.

And speaking of communal dining, one of the keys to good health is a healthy diet. Eating right can be hard, especially if you are on a fixed income or not as mobile in the kitchen anymore. Active senior living communities offer healthy meal options. This can often include special plans focused on unique dietary needs. This all helps you to live longer and stay more active

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