resources for Seniors

Advice for Handling the Home Transition

NexSeason Transitions provides turnkey solutions for home transitions with all the resources you need in one convenient place. Choose from our carefully curated collection of partners or let us oversee the entire transition process for you.

senior food prep

Sample Menus: Healthy Eating for Older Adults

The National Institute of Health provides some good guidelines for a healthy diet for aging adults.

power of attorney

Caring for an Aging Parent: Your Legal Document Checklist

These legal documents help to establish the wishes of your parents and to minimize the strive within the wider family.

visiting elderly parents

Health & Safety Checklist When Visiting Elderly Parents

We have put together this checklist to help you evaluate your aging parent's condition.

memory loss

10 Early Signs of Alzheimers

The Alzheimer's Association gives detailed information regarding the 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's

knee surgery

Too Old to Have Surgery? Think Again.

More senior adults than ever are having joint replacements, transplants and other major operations. What does this mean for caregivers?

checklist for moving to assisted living

Checklist for Moving to Assisted Living

We have created a checklist to help take some of the stress out of the move process.