Holiday Activities to Share with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

The holidays can be especially lonely for someone in assisted living. The community can go a long way to help mitigate that feeling by decorating the common areas and planning holiday gatherings. But, who doesn’t want to have a little extra special attention at this time of the year – especially from their family members.

And most family members would prefer to include their older family member in the festivities. But, sometimes, because of health issues (like dementia or mobility issues), it is not possible to bring them into the family home. So, the family might need to find a way to bring some of the holiday festivities to them.

The following are some ways that we think you can help bring the holidays to your older adult in assisted living. These would also be great ideas if you were interested in ‘adopting’ a senior who might not otherwise have family nearby.

Holiday Activities to Share with your Loved One in Assisted Living

  • Decorate their living space together with appropriate holiday decorations like a mini-tree or a Christmas tree cut-out on the wall; or a menorah shaped cut-out. Consider outlining the tree in garland. Hang a wreath on the door.
  • Help them make a gift list for the family members. Your assistance with a list may help them stay organized and on task. Make an event of wrapping presents!
  • Check on the holiday event or meal schedule for the assisted living community and ask if there is room for a few family members to join your senior adult to one of the events. They will enjoy it more with family around them.
  • Coordinate a family visit to celebrate the holiday and open gifts. It will be more fun for them to see the excitement on the grandkids faces when they open presents.
  • If family members are living in another state and far away, set up a time to help your older adult to video chat with them.
  • Bring a few family members in to visit your older adult to sing holiday songs together and/or have a holiday-themed movie night.

We hope that this short list inspires you to think of some new holiday traditions that you can plan for your family so that it includes someone in assisted living. It’s all about spending time together and allowing everyone to feel connected and included.

And now that some of the COVID restrictions are being lifted, the holidays are a perfect time to come together as a family.