What is Active Senior Living?

Ask any senior citizen and most of them will say that they want to live in their own home for as long as possible. The idea of senior living is depressing. Images come to mind of being “put away” in a nursing home or abandoned to a community of “old people” who sit around and do nothing all day.

But, all of the latest research and field studies show that the reality can be quite different. For many seniors, moving into a senior community allowed them to be emotionally happier, and increased longevity.

Socialization in a community is the greatest antidote to loneliness and it helps to reduce the anxiety and depression that loneliness can cause.

Active senior living offers so much more than most seniors can get at home, and usually for a much more affordable price than seniors expect.

So, why is a decision to move into a senior living environment so stressful for seniors and their families? The stress is generally attached to the old concepts that many of us have of what a senior living environment means. Visions of smelly nursing homes with immobilized, wheelchair bound seniors come to many people’s minds.

That image needs to be updated. And we want to help. Active senior living offers everything you could ask for in retirement, yet didn’t think that you could afford. Here’s what you need to know about today’s senior living option.

So, what is ACTIVE Senior Living?

Active senior living provides a community for active seniors to build friendships and to be able to maintain an active lifestyle. In this type of community, each senior has their own home – generally either a condo or apartment. Food/dining programs, cleaning, and maintenance are generally included in the cost of the home.

For seniors who have grown tired of maintaining their own home, this is an attractive option. This is a great way to free up time for more fun activities.

Each senior living community is slightly different, but one thing they all focus on is helping their residents be active, happy, and socially engaged.

One of the biggest misconceptions that most of us have about active senior living is how much personal privacy that it allows. When you want to sit and read, watch tv, or visit with your visiting family members, you can do these activities in your own home.  But, when you want to be amongst friends and neighbors (or support staff), they are all just outside of your front door.

What Amenities are Provided in an Active Senior Living Community?

Active senior living communities also offer:

  • Modern home styles and layouts to meet your particular needs.
  • Well-appointed and attractive public spaces – lobbies, meeting rooms, and libraries.
  • Most will have exterior spaces that include pools, walking paths, and stunning gardens.
  • Special events are especially easy to stage with facilities and staff support
  • Most communities have classes for  yoga, Bingo groups, and support groups.
  • Transportation vehicles are available for outings, shopping, doctor appointments, etc.
  • Gourmet, restaurant-like dining environments with take-home food available!.

Active Senior living communities are a great choice for seniors who are in reasonably good health who are currently either totally independent or who need a little extra help. Contact Cindy Richards if you would like to look at this option for active senior living.